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Shelf Space


Asus GigaX 1116i+and GigaX 1124i+

The GigaX 1116i+ and GigaX 1124i+ networking switches are the latest offerings of the company for the SME segment.  

The ASUS GigaX 1116i+ and the GigaX 1124i+ are Web Smart 16 and 24 port Layer 2 Gigabit switches respectively with 4 SFP (Mini Gbic) for fibre connections. They offer management features to system administrators that are normally available from a managed layer 2 redundancy for your connections when used with the trunking feature.

Company: Asus
Tel: 22-40058923
Website: www.in.asus.com
Price: ASUS GigaX 1116i+: Rs. 21,000
ASUS GigaX 1124i+: Rs. 27,000


Intellicon Vega PRO S3

The vega PRO S3 set top video conferencing System is a solution for remote and rural hospitals for telemedicine.

The Vega PRO S3 is equipped with enhanced features such as H.264 video coding, IP Bandwidth support up to 768 Kbps. This provides cost-effective video conferencing for a small business. This portable set-top solution can be integrated with any TV monitor. The system incorporates echo cancellation and noise suppression. It conforms to ISDN and IP networks. Some of the other features include motorised Pan Tilt Zoom Camera, supports ISDN, IP and SIP.

Company: Intellicon
Tel: 79 30013333
Fax: 79 30013300
Website: www.intellicon.in
Price: Rs 1.25 lacs

Security appliance

FortiGate 50B,

FortiGate has introduced the FortiGate 50B, a security appliance for enterprise branch offices, retail outlets and small businesses. The FortiGate-50B incorporates FortiASIC to deliver significant improvements in anti-virus and virtual private networking (VPN) performance over previous FortiGate-50/FortiGate-50A models and adds several connectivity options for increased availability and configuration flexibility.

The integration of Fortinet's next generation FortiASIC Content Processor and new system components allow for an unprecedented increase in performance and connectivity options for a system of this size. The product features include increased port density with integrated three-port switch enables multi-device.

Company: FortiGate
Tel: 80 25325800
Website: www.fortinet.com
Price: Rs. 75,000 to 80,000.


Plustek IPcam P1100AF

The IPcam P1100AF's features include a surveillance system that enables users to listen and watch the activities happening at their premises from anywhere and at anytime. Users on the move can listen and watch live or recorded video and audio feed from IPcam P1100AF network camera on their mobile computers (laptops), PDAs and cell phones enabled with Internet connectivity.

Besides this, users can also broadcast live activity video and audio, product shoots to viewers in real time over a LAN (Ethernet and Fast Ethernet) or the Internet and Intranet.

The Plustek IPcam P1100AF Network Camera also provides digital zoom function that can be remote controlled through the Web interface. It has 2x digital zoom enabling a closer look.

Company: Plustek
Website: www.plustek.com/
Price: Rs. 11,000

Rugged Notebook

Dell Latitude ATG D620

Dell has launchd Latitude ATG D620 (All-Terrain Grade), its first semi-rugged notebook computer for customers who work in tough environments.

The Latitude ATG meets military standards for vibration, humidity and altitude and is designed to protect against accidental bumps, moisture, and other elements that customers encounter while working in the field.

The system features a shock-mounted hard drive, spill-resistant keyboard, port covers and high durability paint and is designed to withstand challenging conditions commonly associated with military environments, construction sites and first responders, such as police and emergency organisations.

The product claims to meets Military Standards (MIL-STD 810F). 

Company: Dell
Tel: 1-600-33-8044 or (080) 2506 8050
Fax: (080) 2558 6107
Website: www.dell.com
Price: Rs 106,163


Max Secure Registry Cleaner

Max Secure Software has announced unveiling of Max Registry Cleaner, an automated registry cleaner for PC users. 

Without the aid of advanced registry optimisation software, cleaning the registry manually is an extremely complex and time-consuming process. Max Registry Cleaner claims to simplify and automate this process This saves valuable time while troubleshooting and improves a PC's performance.

The product claims to help enterprise customers safely clean, repair and optimise their Windows registry by fixing obsolete information contained within the registry itself (such as information left behind when uninstalling unused software) resulting in their system running faster.

Company: Max Secure Software
Tel: 020-26855733/9822029895.
Website: www.maxpcsecure.com
Price: Rs.1,400.

POS Systems

Sybase RemoteWare server

Sybase RemoteWare server allows companies to move critical sales data between retail or hospitality sites and headquarters in a process that is otherwise known as retail polling.

RemoteWare’s intelligent, “right time” POS polling allows you a wide range of options. Polling sessions can be initiated at the headquarters or at the remote sites; can be scheduled to occur or can be trickle-based to retrieve data throughout the day.

RemoteWare is an enterprise-class solution that supports a broad range of frontline devices, including Windows, Unix, Linux, or DOS server-based POS systems and Windows desktops.

Company: Sybase
Tel: 22 306 11 555
Website: www.sybase.in
Price: Rs. 3,35,000 with capacity of 4 concurrent connections to the server

EDI Solution

Calsoft GreenPrint

Calsoft has developed a software product that aims to solve the wasted-page problem. Called GreenPrint, it automatically detects unnecessary pages and eliminates them from one’s printouts. The product offers printer friendly option on many Web sites.

Currently it works only on Windows XP and Windows 2000. A Macintosh version is planned for next summer. It is available from the company’s Web site, printgreener.com.

Company: CalSoft
Tel: 20 3985 2900 , 20 2729 2448
Fax: 20 3985 3000
Website: www.calsoftinc.com
Price: Rs. 1,557.50