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Subex Azure to unveil world’s first revenue operations center

Subex Azure Limited a vendor of revenue maximisation solutions for telecom operators unveiled a model Revenue Operations Center (ROC) at the recently concluded 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona.

The mobile sector is currently losing an estimated $77 billion through avoidable revenue leakage a figure which could well rise with the emergence of new content-based services. To combat this leakage, Subex Azure pioneered the strategic concept of a ROC, which is a centralised and integrated platform for operators to assess, address and correct all aspects of their revenue maximisation processes.

The ROC affords operators centralised revenue monitoring and control via a set of dashboards and process workflows by integrating individual revenue assurance, fraud management and risk management solutions. This will allow operators to keep an eye on the financial performance (e.g. total revenue, ARPU, subscriber growth), revenue performance (e.g. revenue/ cost by category, revenue/ fraud loss) and operational performance (e.g. revenue/ fraud/ bad debt loss by root cause) across their networks.

“Revenue management is becoming increasingly important for operators offering next-generation wireless and wire-line services.  With many services being delivered by third-party providers, an end-to-end approach to monitoring and protecting revenues will be required to deliver a greater customer experience,” said Norbert Scholz, Research Director at Gartner.

At 3GSM, Subex Azure will demonstrate how the ROC would work for a mobile operator with around 100,000 subscribers.  The demonstration will illustrate a series of real-life scenarios that mobile operators typically face and how the ROC would help address them.  These scenarios is expected to include include managing increases in interconnect costs, revenue leakage on content provision, relaxed credit scoring leading to bad debt, Internal fraud, rising customer complaints and rebates and handset theft.

Subash Menon, Founder Chairman, Managing Director & CEO, Subex Azure Limited, said: “With the emergence of complex next-generation content services it is imperative that mobile operators maximise these potential revenues.  The ROC is an innovative solution and will play a central role by providing an end-to-end view of revenue flows throughout the whole business.”